1. Progressive Game Developing

    Our producer on the Queen At Arms dev team just started a new email thread with the subject line “Bechdel tests, racism, consent, and the kitchen sink” to prompt discussion and make sure the game we’re creating is in line with our own values.  I love working with these guys.

  2. Some rapid gesture drawings from the other day.

  3. My kid sister is supportive of my art career.

  4. A funeral pyre for Queen At Arms.
    This also happens to be my 100th post on this blog.  Celebrate!

  5. On the digital side of things, I’m still working on my fanart of APH Prussia.  I decided he either didn’t bother to shave before sitting for his formal portrait, or he’s desperately trying to grow one of these sweet walrus ‘staches.

  6. Some slight progress on this one.  I wanted to document this step because I’m really liking the look of the translucent red figure against the darker red/burgundy background, and I want to keep that idea in mind for a future piece after this gets painted over.

  7. Preliminary sketch for a funeral pyre background for Queen At Arms. Probably 20-30 mins.
    Lemme tell you, shit is about to get real in this game.  
    (Hopefully nothing I’m posting is too spoilery.  I’m desperately trying not to say too much.)

  8. blood-stained-hurricane:

    Saint Lilith by Meagan Trott

    Looks like someone found my old Blogspot awhile ago. ^_^
    I’m now pretty active here on Tumblr, and I’ve got a portfolio website at meagantrott.com

  9. Client work.  Illustration for Aeronauts tabletop RPG handbook by Electric Purple Studios.

  10. Two versions of a background for the visual novel Queen At Arms.